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Physical sciences and chemistry Past papers and memorandums. Past Examination Papers and memos for a wide range of grades. This is also perfect for the IEB syllabus.

Physics 101 has decided to not only put up Physics & Chemistry past papers and memos but all subjects for Highschool learners. Past Papers for all subjects from Grade 8 – Grade 12. 

It is useful for Grades 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12 and the Advanced program PhysicsLearning website. This site is full of guidelines, tutorials, and past papers right at your fingertips. Momentum, Electric circuits, Force, Organic Chemistry and many more sections are discussed on this website. Set for the South African Syllabus. This website not only offers helpful guidelines but past papers and memorandums as well.

This website is designed for those who are excelling at Science as well as students that may struggle to grasp some basic concepts. Forgot what the Doppler effect is? Is organic Chemistry turning out to be a problem to interpret? Looking for tough concepts to be easily explained? Look no further!

The future is yours today! You are in control of your destiny!

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